Sunday, 27 February 2011

My MAC palette

I was so excited when I received a MAC 15 pan eyeshadow palette from my boyfriend for my birthday, along with four MAC eyeshadows, and I took no time at all in depotting all my MAC eyeshadows and filling up the palette.

It's so much easier to see the colours I have now, instead of having to root around in the drawer to find the eyeshadows I want. Plus, I took all the empty eyeshadow pots back to MAC, and got two lipsticks free! The lipsticks I got were Saint Germain and Chatterbox, from my birthday haul post, if you're interested ;)

Here's my palette..

All neutral shades. Not very adventurous, I know, but I love it!

(Left to Right)

Top row: Et Tu Bouquet, Dreammaker, All that glitters, Bold & Brazen, Satin Taupe
Middle row: Crystal Avalanch, Retrospeck, Patina, Romp, Sable
Bottom row: Nylon, Naked Lunch, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Concrete

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Boots '3 for 2' Skincare Buys

I love it when Boots have their '3 for 2' offers on!

 So when I ventured into Boots last night and saw they had their '3 for 2' offer across all skincare products, I decided to take advantage and picked up a few bits. 

Simple cleansing wipes - £3.05

These are my favourite cleansing wipes, so I got these as a back up. They're so gentle on my skin, remove all my makeup and they don't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated, like others I'ved used have.

Boots Botanics Night Shift Moisture Cream - £5.10

My skin's been feeling quite dry recently, so I wanted to pick up a new moisturiser to try. After browsing the aisles for ages, I decided on this one. I've only ever tried an eye makeup remover from the Botanics range before, but I was really impressed with it so I thought I'd give this a go. It contains grapeseed and ginseng, and it's supposed to restore and nourish your skin while you sleep. I tried it out last night, it has quite a thick consistency, and when first applied it feels quite heavy on your skin, but when I woke up this morning, my skin felt so lovely and soft. So far, so good!

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter - £2.75

First of all, this smells so good! I love chocolatey smells and this smells exactly like After Eights! I always carry lipbalm around with me, as I can't stand having dry lips. It's in a handy tube, which makes it easy to apply and it gives your lips a subtle, glossy look, so I think I'll keep this in my makeup bag.

The '3 for 2' offer on skincare ends on 22nd March.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Repurchase: MAC Myth lipstick

I think repurchasing is the ultimate test as to whether a product really impressed you. I've decided to do a 'Repurchase' series on my blog for everytime I repurchase a product, because I think repurchasing is a true sign that you really love a product.
My latest repurchase was MAC's Myth lipstick, which I've talked about before. Myth was one of the first MAC lipsticks I purchased (I think maybe my third?) and It's definitley one of my favourite nudes. I love it! I usually pair it with a gloss over the top, to stop it looking too 'nude' or too drying. I still have a little bit of product left, but it'll soon be finished!


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Birthday Haul: Makeup and Beauty.

Hello girlies :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! It was my birthday the weekend before last, and then my lovely boyfriend took me away for Valentines weekend, so everything's been pretty busy recentley! I had an amazing birthday though, and got thoroughly spoiled by all my friends and family. I received amazing gifts and also money, so since then a fair bit of shopping has been done! Below are a few of the makeup and beauty related gifts I received and a few makeup items that I spent some of my birthday money on.

(Elizabeth Arden 8 hour giftset. Fake Bake Xtreme tanning gel)

I received both the Elizabeth Arden giftset and the Fake Bake tan as gifts. In the Elizabeth Arden set, there's a body cream, hand cream and a moisturizer. I really seem to be suffering with dry skin at the moment so my skin could definitley do with some moisturizing! I've used Fake Bake Xtreme before and loved it, it's one of my favourites, along with Xen Tan dark lotion, but I haven't had a bottle in ages so I'm really excited to use it again!

(Left to Right: ChloƩ perfume, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Vera Wang Glam Princess)

The perfumes were all received as gifts too. I'd smelt them all before, and had them all on my wishlist. They all smell amazing and all have really pretty bottles too!

(Top to bottom: Enchantee kissable lipcolour. Woo Me kissable lip colour (Peacocky) Sin-tillation lipgelee (Cham-Pale)

 (Top to bottom: Saint Germain lipstick. Chatterbox lipstick)

 (Left to Right: Chatterbox lipstick. Saint Germain lipstick)

 (MAC 129 brush)

(MAC 15 pan eyeshadow palette)

I was so excited when I got my MAC eyeshadow palette! I depotted all the MAC eyeshadows that I had already and I received a few more for my Birthday so it's full! I'm absolutely in love with it! I'm not going to show the inside though, as I'm going to save it for a seperate post :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I'd never tryed any NARS products before, until I purchased the Casino bronzer and Albatross highlight in the January sales. And I have to say that after using them for a few weeks, I love both of them and can feel a NARS obsession forming!

Casino bronzer

I love my Benefit Hoola bronzer, but I'd heard so many good things about the NARS bronzers and I really wanted to give one a try. I wasn't sure whether to go for Laguna or Casino but eventually decided on the darker shade, Casino, as when I'm tanned, sometimes I find myself having to pack on Hoola. I haven't been disappointed! Casino's a perfect darker bronzer, nicely pigmented and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. It's the perfect shade for when I'm tanned and I only need to use a little to add some colour to my face. I've actually found myself reaching for it alot more than Hoola and I think it may be becoming my new favourite bronzer! I also love that it's got a large mirror inside the compact, I usually keep it in my makeup bag so I find this really useful!

Albatross highlight powder

This is another product I'd heard countless, good reviews on. Albatross looks bright white in the pan but once applied it gives the skin a perfect golden sheen. It's a finely milled powder and not at all glittery. It looks gorgeous when applied on top of the cheekbones and gives the cheeks a pretty, glowy look. It's also perfect for highlighting down the centre of your nose or anywhere else you want to highlight as it looks lovely and subtle. Most of my highlighters are either creams or liquids, like Benefit's high beam and moon beam, which I do love, but I find powders easier to work with if I'm in a rush, so Albatross is perfect. I love the effect of this on the skin and I can definitley see myself repurchasing this in the future.

Other NARS products I want to try
  • Orgasm blush
  • Mata Hari blush
  • Angelika blush
  • Loose powder
  • Turkish Delight lipgloss
  • .
What are your favourite NARS products? Let me know! :)

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